Wings of Love Bird Haven, Inc. is a 501c3 Parrot Organization that does Parrot Rescue, Rehabilitation and Rehoming of exotic parrots. Please help us help them... one bird at a time.

Wings of Love Bird Haven,Inc. was founded in 2003 and became nonprofit in 2005. We are located in Red Oak, TX.- just south of Dallas. We were established because the founder saw a need for a facility to take in these unwanted creatures. We get calls almost DAILY from people who have purchased or obtained these beautiful creatures and no longer can or want to care for them. Proper care of these beautiful birds is time consuming and expensive. They can live from 25-100 year so it is indeed a lifetime commitment.

While we are a facility that adopts out- we do try to make sure that the new family is properly trained in the needs for these birds before the adoption takes place. Many of these "captive" birds die prematurely because of being fed a wrong diet and not given the proper living conditions. We want to make sure that this does not happen to the birds in our care. We are a small facility but are currently looking for land to expand to meet the ever growing needs of these wonderful pets.  

Here are just a few of the birds we have rescued over the years:


Your donation is very much appreciated:

25.00- will help us feed all of the birds at the Haven a diet of Fresh fruits and veggies, nuts, sprouted seeds and grains, cooked grains and legumes, nuts and a natural organic pellet.

125.00 - will pay for the 4 tests that we run on each bird that comes into our facility. We do disease testing so that we can not only help those that have a disease but also prevent the spreading of this disease throughout our aviary. 

500.00 - Each 50# bag of our organic pellets cost us approximately 150.00 including shipping. Your donation of 500.00 will pay for enough pellets to last us about  4 months.  

1000.00 - Your donation of 1000.00 or more will go toward helping us build our new facility. The facility we are currently at will most likely continue to be used as our hospital for sick birds and a quarantine for the new entries. Once tests come back negative they would then be moved to the larger facility. We do not yet have a timeframe on when the relocation will occur. This of course depends on the availability of donated property as well as enough funding to build up the new buildings.

Any and all donations are appreciated and tax deductible.

You can send donations to Wings of Love Bird Haven, Inc.

                                                 PO Box 182 Red Oak, TX 75154  


If you want to pay via debit or credit card please send us an email with your contact phone number in it. We will call you and take the card information over the phone.

Wings of Love Bird Haven, Inc.
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