Royal Family Kids Camp Provides Camps, Clubs and Mentorship for Foster Children

The primary purpose of Royal Family KIDS Camp is to give Foster Children a week of positive memories.

Camp is FUN

In addition to receiving the attention and encouragement of an adult camp counselor and his/her “buddy camper,” each camper is also exposed to a variety of fun activities, designed for their success and to build self-esteem.

Activity centers, games, sports, hiking, swimming, fishing and horseback riding are all part of the program, depending on the schedule of the local camp. For most of these children, it’s the best week of the year – a special time when they can focus on having fun and enjoy being a kid.

Camp is SAFE

A single compassionate church in a local area is responsible for each Royal Family KIDS Camp. These churches are well-established and respected in the community. Additionally, several strict and important measures are taken to ensure the camps are safe for the children.

Camp administrators and counselors go through intensive training, including a study of the dynamics of child abuse and neglect, using recognized professionals in the field as faculty. There is also an intensive screening process for counselors and staff. Two children – and only two – are assigned to each camp counselor. In addition, there is generally a “back-up” staff person for each counselor, so the actual staff-to-camper ratio is often one to one.

There are strict policies for behavior of campers, counselors and staff which assure that there is never an opportunity for an unsafe or questionable situation. The camp site itself has been especially selected to provide a safe, fun place for the camp experience. The food is even great!

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