A Charity Honoring Firefighters, Military and Law Enforcement

Love A Hero™ is a non-profit, which was built by heroes to serve heroes. Our mission is simple: To honor the brave men & women of the Fire Service, Law Enforcement, and Military.

Love A Hero™ knows first-hand that Firefighters, Law Enforcement, and Military are unique due to the dangers and consequences of risking their lives to save others. We understand their hardships and are able to quickly provide resources & relief to meet their needs.

We develop programs & fundraisers that benefit our heroes and their families. They include:

  • Heroes Left Behind™ – Programs benefiting children who lost a parent in the line of duty. Our core benefits include Youth Camps & Scholarships.
  • Hope for Heroes™ – Resources and programs to help treat victims of PTSD and to prevent Suicide.
  • Recruit Heroes™ – Programs and resources that help find jobs for fire, police, and military personnel.

Online Community and Support – A forum where members can anonymously connect to discuss challenges and solutions related to PTSD, suicide, family related issues, jobs, resources for help, and more.

Memorial Campaigns & Monuments – We assist in starting memorial campaigns and monuments to honor our fallen heroes.

Fundraisers & Events – Love A Hero holds an array of different events and fundraisers to support our fallen heroes, and the programs we implement to support them. Campaigns and events include donations, our Honor Guard™, athletic events, concerts, comedy shows, t-shirt campaigns, online fundraisers, social media campaigns, and more.

Love A Hero Visa Card™ – A corner stone to supporting Love A Hero™, our Visa Card is backed by Capital One Bank and boasts some of the best credit card terms you can find. Now you can support your heroes by making simple everyday purchases.

With your help, we will continue to advance our mission of helping fallen heroes and their families, in rebuilding their lives.

Always remember, never forget.

Love A Hero™ is an Independent Division of Charity Max™, a Non-Profit 501(c)3 Parent Corporation of Philanthropies, EIN 46-0913208.

Love A Hero
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