Building Today, Changing Tomorrow

By making a donation through ISOH/IMPACT, you are showing the true meaning of Hope to those in need. Your Gifts are making an Impact With Hope in the lives of those we serve.

For over 50 years, ISOH/IMPACT has reached out throughout the world and touched the lives of the poor, sick, and suffering.  We are an effective means of reaching hurting people in countries around the world with food, medicine, and other assistance.  Our medical teams bring hope by providing medical care to children and their families locally, nationally and internationally.  We also supply mission hospitals with supplies and equipment that are desperately needed.

Our disaster and relief aid programs provide desperately needed assistance to victims of natural disaster, war, disease, and famine.  We offer food, water, and network to provide temporary shelter for children and their families in need.  Our Bucket Brigade, Kids Against Hunger and Keeping Kids Kozy reaches out to provide the basic essentials for children and their families in crisis. By meeting the critical needs of families in crisis we create hope and give children and their families a chance to rebuild their lives.

Through Seeds of Hope,  ISOH/IMPACT and our international ministry partners work with children, families and entire communities to provide  micro-enterprise, job training skills, community feeding programs, and educational opportunities for children. These programs reach out to impoverished villages and neighborhoods help individuals break the cycle of poverty and give them hope for a better tomorrow.

Our volunteers and supporters ensure that wherever and whenever a disaster strikes ISOH/IMPACT is ready to respond with life-saving food, and relief aid.



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