Crisis Aid is a humanitarian relief and human rights organization dedicated to assisting people who are suffering from natural disaster, war, famine, human rights abuses, or who are being persecuted for their faith.

Crisis Aid has been blessed with incredible partners and continued growth in giving year after year.   More than 10 million has been given since 2002 (with 9.7 million in the last eight years), enabling Crisis Aid to serve more than 1.3 million people, distributing more than 8 million pounds of food and water aid alone since 2002.


We have seen children run who should have never walked, girls fulfill dreams who thought they could not even survive the day, and miracles by the thousands. We are now working towards expanding our reach. We are saving lives, saving souls, and changing futures, together with our partners! There is much work yet to be done.  Thousands more children and girls are in need of rescue and restoration. 


Step 1—Establishing Successful Programs  (COMPLETE)


•       East Africa Food:  We are currently providing food supplies to approximately 2,000 families with at least one severely malnourished child (more than 12,000 people) every month rescuing them from starvation.

•       East Africa Health:  We currently operate one medical clinic in a remote village region, serving more than 37,000 people per year.

•       East Africa Water:  We have installed 23 water wells to provide clean water, preventing water-borne diseases in remote village regions.

•       East Africa Children’s Home & Child Sponsorship Programs: In response to the orphan crisis, we built, own and operate a children’s home for young girls who are orphans and vulnerable children, preventing them from becoming prey for child traffickers. We have 20 girls in the home. Our partners also sponsor an additional 100 plus children through our community-based child sponsorship program.

•       East Africa Safe Programs: We have rescued more than 240 girls from red light districts.  More than 140 girls have been served through our four Safe Homes. Another 100 girls have graduated from Mercy Chapel Vocational Training Center.


•       U.S. Inner-City Center: We inherited an inner-city ministry in Saint Louis, Missouri in 2012 and now serve an average of 1,200 people per month by providing food, clothing, hygiene items, and ministry services. We have started a large refurbishing project to update the three story facility. In the future, this program will be called “WINGS”


•       U.S. Safe: Our first U.S.-based Safe Home opened in December 2012 and provided services to 31 American victims of sex trafficking the first year.  We currently serve an average of 5-7 young women ages 14-24 years old at any given time. We have also almost fully equipped a second wing to be used for minors in the future.  We also provide a Human Trafficking Prevention Curriculum to schools, churches and communities.


Step 2—Saving Lives, Saving Souls, and Changing Futures


Building upon the success of the past twelve years of service, Crisis Aid is taking steps to grow our impact and reach in Ethiopia and the United States over the next three years.  We have 4 million in commitments and promises toward Step 2, which includes:


•       East Africa Food:  We have already identified more than 1,000 additional children that need to be added to our nutritional feeding programs as they are at risk of starvation and/or the severe effects of long-term malnutrition. Based on ongoing famine conditions, we would like to add 3,000 more children and their families (adding 1,000 families per year), in addition to the 2,000 we currently serve each month.

•       East Africa Health:  We are launching a second medical clinic in another remote village region where the people have no access to quality health care.  This second clinic will be a Pediatric Medical Center focused on the critical medical needs of severely malnourished children. We recently purchased the land and plan to begin refurbishing and equipping the current buildings on the property soon.  We hope to build and equip additional buildings in the next few years in order to provide a 60-75 bed inpatient medical facility for children. We will also establish multiple health outposts to provide further assessments of children in need. This program is being implemented alongside of one of our larger nutritional feeding programs in the region.

•       East Africa Water:  We hope to provide 2 more water wells each year to provide clean water, preventing water-borne diseases in remote village regions.

•       East Africa Children’s Home: We hope to add 5-10 more girls (orphans and vulnerable children) to our girl’s home each year until the home reaches capacity of 60 girls. 

•       East Africa Safe Program:

o      Further establishing a successful Phase II program for when girls graduate the Safe Homes and move into independent living.

o      Double the number of girls served through Mercy Chapel Vocational Training Center by adding an afternoon session.  Upgrade all equipment in the various departments.

o      Begin Phase I of buying a large piece of land where we can begin building and equipping our Girl’s Village so that we can transition from renting homes to owning self-sustainable homes. (Rental fees for our Safe homes has tripled the last few years.)


•       Saint Louis, Missouri, U.S.A. WINGS Programs:

o      Complete remodeling the entire three story building in order to use its full capacity.

o      Serving an additional 1,800 people through our weekly food distributions.

o      Launching children and youth programs, starting with an after-school tutoring, mentoring and feeding program for 50 children.

o      Launching programs for adults including job skills training, parenting classes, family reunification, and more.

o      Launching a soup kitchen to teach women how to cook healthy soups for their families.


•       U.S.A. Safe Program:

o      Provide holistic rehabilitation services to an average of 8-11 women age 18-24 years old at any given time in our adult’s wing.

o      Implement a Phase II program to transition women to either another Transitional Living Program or to independent living after up to one year in the Safe Home.

o      Open our minor’s wing to provide holistic rehabilitation services including on-site schooling for an average of 8-11 girls age 14-17 years old at any given time. 

o      Develop a model for other organizations and ministries to duplicate in other states.

o        Expand the reach of our Human Trafficking Prevention Curriculum to schools, churches and communities nation-wide.

Crisis Aid International
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