The Coral Reef Alliance protects our most valuable and threatened ecosystem. We lead holistic conservation programs that improve coral reef health and resilience and are replicated across the globe

What We Do

There is no one-size-fits-all solution to conservation, nor is it possible to successfully conserve natural resources without buy-in from the people who are most closely connected to and rely on that resource. CORAL takes a multi-pronged approach to restoring and protecting coral reefs in partnership with the communities living nearest the reefs. Our strategies include:

  • -Reducing local threats to reefs, including overfishing, poor water quality, and unsustainable development 
  • Helping communities benefit socially, culturally, and economically from conservation
  • Improving reef management so those responsible for the creation, enforcement, and durability of protected areas have the tools and financial support they need to be successful
  • Working directly with the tourism industry to decrease its environmental footprint and to educate visitors about the beauty and importance of coral reefs
  • Ensuring that what we learn within our project sites has a global impact


What You Can Do

No matter where you live, there are things that you can do to help protect coral reefs—and we’re thrilled you want to learn more. From reducing carbon emissions or improving water use, to supporting CORAL or other ocean conservation organization with your time or money, to becoming a true eco-traveler, to spreading the word about how important reefs are, you can take steps right now to become an advocate for reefs.

Coral Reef Alliance
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