The Challenged America Program is dedicated to advancing rehabilitation, enhancing life experiences, and fostering the competitive experience of youth and adults with disabilities towards successful mainstream outcomes.

Founded in 1978 by disabled veterans seeking to self-direct their own rehabilitation, the Challenged America Program is internationally recognized as a pioneer in the field of therapeutic sailing as a rehabilitation activity, and provides no-cost sailing opportunities, in both small and large vessels, to the disabled and their loved ones, year-round.



The Challenged America program is dedicated to introduce sailing as a therapeutic and rehabilitative enhancing activity to individuals with disabilities, their loved ones, and professionals in healthcare and rehabilitation.



To introduce adaptive sailing and other recreational activities as a new life experience to improve health, build self-confidence, develop new skills and abilities, stimulate independence, and foster the competitive spirit of program participants to fulfill the goals and objectives of the charity.

Challenged America is designed to be a participant sustaining program.

Challenged America Program
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