Frequently Asked Questions

Featured charities are displayed on our home page and at the top of our charity selection pages. However, all listed charities get the opportunity to be selected to receive funds from the buyer or seller and all vetted charities are able to create a dynamic profile page that can be shared with friends.
In order for a charity to sign up and receive a profile page, an official representative of the charity needs to first go through the quick sign-up process and add content to their profile page. Every single charity that signs up gets manually vetted to make sure they are compliant and in good standing. We also make sure a charity's profile page looks presentable before we officially "approve" it and make it live.
No, every charity listed on the site can be selected by the homebuyer or seller to receive charitable donations from the agent's commission.
We track every deal all the way through to escrow. As soon as the agent receives their commission, 10% of it is allocated for donation to the charity of the client's choice and the charity gets those funds a few weeks after the close of escrow.
Nope, charities will never pay a dime to Charitable Agents.
Charitable Agents receives a referral fee from the real estate agent after a home is bought or sold. Agents are used to paying referral fees to other real estate agents who refer them clients, relocation companies and other referring parties. The 10% that goes to charity is taken out of this referral fee, so the agents don't pay anything extra on top of that. Top agents are happy to pay a referral fee because they don’t have to spend as much time and money finding new clients. Instead, they can spend that time making home buyers and sellers happy.
Charities are signed up for as long as they wish. You can cancel at any time or you can keep your page live for life and will always be eligible to receive donations through our platform. Featured charities are rotated out quarterly.
We ask all of our homebuyers and sellers to FIRST select a charity of their choice before even connecting them with an agent. It is in this process that a homebuyer or seller will have the opportunity to find your charity, learn about it via your charity profile, and in turn select your charity to benefit. On top of that, we encourage that all charities share their profile page with their network of existing donors via email, Twitter, or Facebook, to maximize the impact for your given organization.
The average donation is around $2,000-$3,000 per deal. Depending on the size of your donor list that you promote to, and the response rate, you can expect to receive a significant impact by using our platform.
Charitable Agents facilitates all donations for the agents, so the participating charities only have to deal with one single point of contact. Charitable Agents receives the tax-deductible receipt.
To become a registered charity on our site, we require all applying non-profits be 501 (c) organizations. We prefer charities that are in good standing with Charity Navigator nnd we don't officially make a charity "live" until their profile looks sufficiently filled out.
As often as you like. You can simply login here to make any changes.
Yes, we will keep you posted with full transparent reporting throughout the entire process. This enables you to see which deals are in the pipeline for your organization along with all the homeowners contact information to thanks them.

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